Weekly Motivation: Fear is stupid!


This week’s motivation is brought to us by the beautiful Marilyn Monroe


Today I made the decision to upgrade my blog. And I think I’ve been putting it off because of the fear that it won’t become more than a hobby. Then I found this quote and I realized that fear IS stupid,and it’s like the universe put this out there for me to find, in my case it’s because I don’t do this for fame or fortune, I do it because I genuinely enjoy it! And I really don’t want to get to my golden years with any regrets…

Let me know in the comments, what, if anything, about this one speaks to you!

Have a be YOU tiful day! You’re worth it…

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My first Ipsy Glambag! August 2017


I hope that you’re all doing well… So Ipsy right?! I mean next to boxycharm I think this one is the most spoken about subscriptions, especially on YouTube, by the beauty gurus i.e. Desi Perkins. When I got AramexGlobal shopper I figured that I would try to get as many subscription boxes as I could so that I could a) get more international products and b) get to test those products… and so far so good (except for Sephora Play :(…who sadly do not ship to forwarding addresses).

I’ve posted my unboxings for  Birchbox and Glossybox on Instagram (@Scarletpiperblog). If you would like a review on those products, just drop me a comment I am happy to review them for you.

Let’s talk IPSY!


My first bag really wasn’t too bad. I have to say I was super excited for the mascara, brush and the blushes of course. I will provide a mini review per product because I have been using them for about a week now…

Makeup Forever Excessive Lash


Firstly, I know that there are some makeup forever products available here in SA, at Metro cosmetics. But I can’t find this specific mascara on the website. Nevertheless, the brush is amazing for the lower lashes. It fits perfectly and doesn’t hit my skin. I already have pretty decent lashes and that’s why I struggle with applying mascara on my lower lashes, but not anymore. I hope that I can find the full size product somewhere, if you know of any places I could check please let me know. It isn’t super voluminous but makes my lashes fluttery and long. I love it!

Crown Brushes –  Contour brushdav

I don’t have the little insert anymore sorry… but I am pretty sure it said contour brush 😀 … This brush is very densely packed but not as much as say a foundation buffer brush. So I have been using it with the blush we received as well as my highlight and its perfect. It is incredibly soft and I also washed it this weekend and no problems at all. If you are looking to purchase some crown brushes in South Africa you can check out @Muse.Sa on Instagram or her website here.

Pacifica – Coconut Blush


I have many blushes and blush palettes (obviously) , but I find that I don’t venture much in the blush arena, I like to either use a bronzer as my blush or I go real nude or light pink and peach for a very subtle flush, and they nailed it for me. So the blush is powdery and there is some kick-up but it doesn’t bother me at all. It applies smoothly, it’s easy to blend and looks so pretty…and just in time too coz it’s spring now and I think it is stunning.

Marc Anthony – Perfect Curl Cream


Thank goodness I have curly hair and so does my daughter. I, sadly don’t wear my hair naturally curly very often because it’s extremely thick! My baby girl’s hair is a lot more manageable than mine, so I gifted her this. She’s 9 going on 90 and she’s starting to be more independent and wants all of her own goodies. I am teaching her to wash her hair because it is very long , it requires lessons lol. She wants to be independent and this cream makes her hair a little more manageable. Again it’s Spring almost Summer, and during this time of the year, she usually wears her hair curly because she is a H2O bunny and is always swimming.

The Balm – The Balm Voyage Vol II – Shade Willkommen

The Balm

I love the balm eye shadows , they are highly pigmented, buttery and just amazing, this one is no different. And this golden bronze shade is stunning and in my opinion perfect for those summer days when you’re looking to do an easy bronze look. One shadow and your eyelids will glow like the rest of you! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

I hope you’ve enjoyed..And if you happen to have one of these products , let us know what you think in the comments…

If you would like to try the Ipsyglambag for yourself , feel free to sign-up here. But remember you have to have aramex global shopper (if you are outside of the US and Canada) , which I talk about in THIS post.

Have a stunning day! You’re worth it!

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Weekly Motivation : Don’t look back!


Welcome back and thanks for stopping by…

This is my motivation for this week …Enough said 🙂

dont look back

It’s one thing to reminisce, it’s another thing to keep remembering bad things or experiences…Stop!!! it’s holding you back accept it and move on… I know its hard, we are so deeply programmed, and this is truly easier said than done. But if you are focusing on the negatives in your past, try and focus on it from the point of view of letting it go. When it no longer has an impact on you or your life today….It has no more power….

Enjoy the rest of the week beautiful people!

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Weekly Motivation : Failure


I hope you had an amazing week-end. It’s Monday AGAIN! I figured I hadn’t done a motivational post in a while and I am in serious need of some motivation.


So this weeks topic is Failure! Everybody get’s knocked down at some point in their lives in one way or another. The important thing to remember is that it’s not forever. It’s human nature to stumble or fall , but we have to get up right!?… and keep moving forward.

There have been times in my life where I felt like things couldn’t get worse or it wouldn’t get better and it did, and even though I too as a human feel like it’s one thing after the other and the hard times feel like forever, when I look back , I realize it isn’t … Things change, circumstances change, people change…. So have faith and keep your head up, NOTHING lasts forever and “this too shall pass”.

Have an amazing week people and smile tomorrow is another day 😉

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July 2017 Glossybox Unboxing


Hi there and welcome back. I know my posts are very random and unstructured but truth be told I have a very hectic schedule and work is really demanding right now, so please bare with me for a while…I am trying my best to post more often…

So Glossybox – I know that this box was available in South Africa for a brief period , I think in 2012 (if I am not mistaken) and then no more, so with the launch of aramex global shopper I decided to give this one a go… That process was a little painful to say the least, it took around 2 weeks for the box to be delivered to me because it was held at customs, I think I may shop a little too much as I was asked to provide an importers code lol…We did manage to clear that up and I eventually received my box and this is what I got….


Body wash

Aerin Vanilla Body Wash – I am a huge lover and die hard bodyshop supporter but OMG does this stuff smell amazing… It lingers on the skin, well until I have to kill the scent with my body lotion because I have dry skin and it is winter. But it really doesn’t dry out my skin at all…I wish they had included a matching body lotion then I don’t think I would even need perfume…that’s how awesome it smells. I found this on Amazon for $50 , WOW! Way more than the box price ….check it out here.



Next up we have La Roche-Posay Foaming cleanser – This says for normal to oily skin, sadly I am dry combo so I have been using it at night to cleanse my face after removing makeup, and I do this because I use heavier creams on my face at night so I know I am replenishing the moisture. I haven’t noticed anything dramatic yet, but we’ll see how it goes, I will be sure to update you if there is anything to update you on 🙂


De Bruyere Beauté – After sun lotion – well I can’t test this dude for another 3 months at least, but with having 3 kids I think we will put it to good use. This one retails for $12. So once I have tested (and remember to) I will post an update or review 😉


Dr. Paw Paw soothing balm – this feels like aquaphor or vaseline to me, it has no scent and I use it the same as I would use those products, nothing ground breaking here, so far! I do like that it is slimmer than a vaseline tub and I can through this in my bag. And I just mix in a little in the evening with my hand cream for a little added moisture…Sorry I can’t say anything more about this guy but I do use it, it’s just nothing stands out as innovative about it YET…


NCLA clean up your act pen – Total Dud! this was dry AF…I would much rather just use my trusty essence pen. Nuff said!


Doucce freematic blush – To be honest I haven’t worn this yet, but it is a really mini pan , which I understand because it is a sample, color is pretty but I don’t know about longevity… The package is very pretty and it’s kind of like a magnetic Z palette so if you can find another shade that  you like you can just pop it in and throw it in your makeup bag, which is really convenient. To me it’s one of those things I would carry for in case of emergency situations…

In the box we also received a $30 gift card for a food service which I really didn’t even look at because seriously my package will be destroyed at customs and I don’t feel like being sad or losing money.

So that’s all folks… I hope you enjoyed and if you made it to the end THANK YOU…

I hope you have a be U tiful day!

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June 2017 – MorpheMe Unboxing


Hey There! And welcome back… In my previous post I wrote about how to get subscription boxes delivered to you from anywhere in the world, and I have since subscribed to multiple boxes  ….

Let me first tell you how difficult it is to find these products in South Africa and the third party retailers here seem to mark up their prices so much, and I mean honestly it makes sense considering import costs and dealing with customs and then there are those possible customs charges as well so when all is said and done you might as well just purchase it from whoever imports them. What I find that these boxes offer me is a chance to test a lot of international brands at a fraction of the cost… If you are keen to find out how to go about signing up please check out that blog post here.

Morpheme – by Liveglam

So this “box” consists of makeup brushes by Morphe Brushes and costs $19.99 a month and you receive anywhere from 4-7 brushes in the bag every month. Depending on where you are in the world the price will obviously change monthly depending on the exchange rate at the time the payment is processed. For me this month was R260.00 which for the brushes we received is pretty reasonable.

We received the M444 brush , which retails on the Morphe brushes website for $12.99. This is the deluxe buffer brush. I have tried and it and even though this brush is so dense, the bristles are so soft, it blends my foundation so flawlessly and if you are looking for fuller coverage with a natural blend this brush is the one for you.

The next brush is the M460, this is a flat contour brush which retails for $9.99. This is just a flat contour brush, so if you’re all about the contour then I think you would enjoy this brush. Very soft and blends like a dream.

Then there is the M496, this one retails for $2.99 and is a duo lash fan brush, this one was a bit new to me and I wasn’t sure what to use it for but the description on the website says ” A multi-use brush, you can use it to apply mascara or to assist in the application of eyelash extensions.” Since I prefer a mascara wand I used it to apply my highlight to the bridge of my nose and I think its perfect to highlight the cupids bow.

Finally we have the M518 this is just blender brush for the eyes and let’s face it we all know we can never have too many blending brushes… There will always be a need for these :).

Have a be-U-tiful day! You’re worth it!


Boxycharm : You can get it now in South Africa too

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Hi There and welcome back!

So I recently got my first boxycharm subscription box in South Africa and let me tell you how.

The process will seem a bit daunting but it’s really simple

First off you need to create an account on AramexGlobalShopper. 

If you happen to be an FNB customer with a cheque or credit card you can get a free lifetime membership

To redeem your FREE lifetime membership, please enter your unique promo code when signing up:

The first six digits of any of your FNB cards, followed by the word ‘SAVE’. E.g. 123456SAVE

Once you have done this and your aramex account is active , now you sign up to boxycharm here.

Complete your details and use the Aramex Global address they provide for US shipments. I didn’t opt for the auto ship option so that I can control money being deducted from my account, and also because FNB again has offered us a discount on shipping see below.

Get R75 off your shipping fee by entering your unique promo code on check out:

The first six digits of any of your FNB cards, followed by the word ‘SHIP’. E.g. 123456SHIP

Please note: You must use an FNB card when registering and paying for shipping in order for the discount to be applied.

Once you receive notifications from your supplier that the order has been shipped or even delivered, you login to aramex, select the package you want delivered and process payment, not forgetting to use the code above to get your discount…My first boxy charm was delivered to me with in 24hours of making my payment.

If you have any questions or comments I am glad to answer them based on my own experience thus far….


Happy shopping beauties 🙂


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