February 2015 – Best Of … Part 4 – Finale ♡

Hello Beautiful

I hope you had an amazing day…We have come to the end of my Best Of

These are just random items that I got this month and have actually grown to love 😀


First Up Ear Cuffs

I love these items and have a few – so this month I purchased these 2 from spree.co.za

The Silver Star cuff is by style republic and the smaller gold one is by funky fish

The goji fresh tea is loose tea leaves I purchased at the tea merchant in Cresta, I also got a Tai Chai, but I drink chai tea all the time, but this Goji fresh is an awesome Ice tea…I absolutely love this flavor…my new staple

Then my soda pop water bottle , well that’s what I use it for 😀 , I’ve been trying really hard to increase my water intake for the good of my skin , and using this bottle from Typo certainly helps, because it’s just so cool who wouldn’t wanna drink from it ….

Finally the black rider boot I got as a gift from my hubby and he purchased this from zando.co.za , this boot is by Miss Black…Super comfy and that detailing rocks for sure…

I hope you’ve enjoyed my favs for Feb 2015… Have a stunning evening



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