Autumn Makeup Look!

Good Morning Beautiful!

Hope you had an amazing weekend, mine was rather fun because I’m getting into playing Dance Central Spotlight on Xbox and it is sooo  much fun… The kids and I have a new hobby lol.

So in between breaks on the Xbox I decided to do a makeup look, since Autumn is peaking its head over here it’s time to pull out all those cold weather eye shadow shades yay! 😀

These are the products I used


First I primed my lids , you know the drill


Then I applied the 3rd shade from the left (light grey) on my entire lid, followed by the 4th shade from the right in my outer corner and crease, blending well , then once everything was blended I applied some liner , and mascara. and took the brush that came with the L.A Girl palette because it is the perfect size for smoking out your lower lash line, with the same darker color from the right of the palette and applied that to my lower lash line. Finished off this look with mascara and we’re done! I didn’t realize that I didn’t get a picture with the inner corner, but I used the Wet n Wild mega glow to highlight there and my brow bone (the top shade of the strips), and then highlighted my cheek bone with Mary Lou.









I hope you’ve enjoyed and can draw some inspiration from the look!

Have a wonderful week 🙂



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