Post a Quote Challenge | Day 2 πŸ’

Hey Gorgeous!

Firstly I know this is not exactly day 2 , and I do apologize , but things have been crazy over here…

Let’s get into this quote…


I love this quote because when I get caught up in those moments when you’re thinking “I wish I had…”, this one brings me back to a place of gratitude for the things I do have… It’s important to remember that even if something seems insignificant to youΒ it may not be to someone else e.g. having a job…It gets really crazy and sometimes I want to just be at home, but then I remember to be grateful for the job because it allows me other luxuries in my life, that another person may not have, even something as simple as bread, or running hot water…

Be grateful for everything you have been blessed with and cherish each moment πŸ™‚

Have a stunning day butiful !



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