Another International Online Store

Greeting Headline

Well let me start by saying TGIF! I had to go on a road trip for work yesterday and although the drive there was only 2 hours and 30 minutes it was quite a drive and too add to the already long drive .on the way back there was an truck stuck on the freeway… very sad, very very long journey but it ended up being such a beautiful , peaceful place.

None the less I though I would just to a quicky for my SA followers, I was watching Kaushal Beauty on youtube and she had done a haul video a few days ago , she mentioned a store Roses beauty store and as the curious person I am I had to go have a look and guess what they do??? They ship to South Africa!!! YAY! Another online store that stocks a lot of the international brands that we don’t get here… It’s so exciting, not quite as exciting as the Urban Decay store opening here πŸŽ‡- happy dance, but still exciting for the mere fact of knowing that what we are purchasing is in fact 100% authentic products.

So shop away lovelies and I hope you have an absolutely beautiful weekend πŸ’

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Instagram : @Scarletpiperblog




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