Glamglow South Africa

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Hey Gorgeous!

This is just a little update for my SA readers… 2017 is off to a good start…

Glamglow has landed and is now available at Red Square Online.


We are all used to paying ridiculous prices for these international brands, as I said in my last post, and more to the point this is why I would much rather have some patience when it comes to these things…

In the past we all purchased Glamglow from various sellers on instagram and personally I haven’t paid anything under R1100 per jar excluding shipping… Metro cosmetics also had glamglow available  (which seems to be out of stock now) at a more reasonable price of R880.00.

Redsquare now has the full sized masks for R850 and free shipping and you get to also select 3 free samples with your purchase, this may not be of the same brand or product though.

In addition they have a smaller size for R290.00, at this point it is only of the ‘


In conclusion sometimes it is better to just wait :), in the meantime if you feeling like splurging head over to the website to see which other glamglow products are available, I have listed some below …

Happy shopping beauties

Have a wonderful day because you’re worth it


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