Boxycharm : You can get it now in South Africa too


Hi There and welcome back!

So I recently got my first boxycharm subscription box in South Africa and let me tell you how.

The process will seem a bit daunting but it’s really simple

First off you need to create an account on AramexGlobalShopper. 

If you happen to be an FNB customer with a cheque or credit card you can get a free lifetime membership

To redeem your FREE lifetime membership, please enter your unique promo code when signing up:

The first six digits of any of your FNB cards, followed by the word ‘SAVE’. E.g. 123456SAVE

Once you have done this and your aramex account is active , now you sign up to boxycharm here.

Complete your details and use the Aramex Global address they provide for US shipments. I didn’t opt for the auto ship option so that I can control money being deducted from my account, and also because FNB again has offered us a discount on shipping see below.

Get R75 off your shipping fee by entering your unique promo code on check out:

The first six digits of any of your FNB cards, followed by the word ‘SHIP’. E.g. 123456SHIP

Please note: You must use an FNB card when registering and paying for shipping in order for the discount to be applied.

Once you receive notifications from your supplier that the order has been shipped or even delivered, you login to aramex, select the package you want delivered and process payment, not forgetting to use the code above to get your discount…My first boxy charm was delivered to me with in 24hours of making my payment.

If you have any questions or comments I am glad to answer them based on my own experience thus far….


Happy shopping beauties 🙂



Review: Dove Derma Spa Range

Good Morning Gorgeous

Thank you for stopping by…We are headed into Winter here in South Africa and I think this review is right on time.

So dove recently released a new product line here called Derma Spa. I didn’t purchase the body cream but I did get the lotion (I didn’t see the need for both). I also picked up the hand lotion as well as the Uplifted + body roll.


Packaging – Looks very luxurious but has pretty standard packaging for a hand cream. The lotion also comes in a tube where the body cream comes in a tub. I prefer the tube mainly because I am a germaphobe and wouldn’t want people sticking fingers into the tub especially the kids 🙂

Scent – It has such a beautiful fresh fragrance , I really don’t know how else to describe it, but it is definitely a feminine scent that I think most females would appreciate.

Product – It’s not a thick cream at all, the consistency is pretty fluid, but once you massage it into the skin it literally feels like velvet, there is a slight oily or slick feeling to it but that disappears as it absorbs into the skin. Most creams either take too long to absorb or has an oily feeling, this one is so heavenly… I think this range will soon be a holy grail especially compared to my EOS lotions, this price point is a lot cheaper.

Rating 10

DermaSpa Uplifted+ Body Roll-On

This  can also be found at Dischem Pharmacies, and was on sale for R99.95 when I purchased it.

Packaging – This also combes in a tube with roller balls on the tip, so you can’t really squeeze out product onto your hand and not use the rollers. The only issue with this is you turn the head to open it and use, but sometimes while you are rolling it on your skin it somehow turns to the closed position, which can be annoying especially in the morning when you’re trying to get ready quickly. It’s not so hard to switch it back but just a side note so if you do pick this up expect that.

Scent – Also has a very fresh fragrance very similar to the nivea goodbye cellulite.

Product – This is a gel formula, I find that once I have pressed and rolled the tube onto my skin I have to massage with my hands as well to get it fully absorbed. The gel is cold and has a cooling effect so on a cold winter morning I don’t imagine it is something we want to be applying, but in summer not too bad.

Results – I haven’t yet noticed an amazing impact on firming , but I have only been using it for 3 weeks. Don’t get me wrong there is definitely an improvement, it’s just not like my cellu heavy (lol) has disappeared over night, then again nothing works that quickly. I would still continue to use it , and feel that it does improve the look of the cellulite over time… I will update the post as I go along and provide updates.

Rating so far



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Otherwise have an amazing weekend everyone…


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Review: Neutrogena Hydro Boost


Hello there gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by, I know it has been a hot minute since I did a post, and I do apologise but the day job is getting the better of me 🙂 , none the less I still love what I do.

Enough about me let’s get straight into this review, firstly let me say I have dry, sensitive skin, so any hydration other than good old h2o is welcomed with open arms.

Neutrogena Gelwash

I didn’t manage to pick up ALL the products in the range until I tried it of course. What I did get is the Hydro Boost cleanser. Now usually any facial cleansers other than a cream based cleanser leaves my skin a bit irritated and tight, this one doesn’t. It really does feel like I am using a water on my skin, it is supple and hydrated, even after a hot shower!

I also got the Gel Cream, I opted for the “cream” because I figured it would be a lot more hydrating than the water gel, and I don’t know if that is true but man oh man this to me feels like a definite dupe for the clinique moisture surge. I am all about skin care and love the clinique range but for a more affordable price I am so down with this switch.

So beauties if you need moisture and don’t have the budget to splurge, give this a go , you won’t be disappointed, I will try and get more of the products in the range and leave some updates in the comment section. In the meantime if you have tried and liked something that I haven’t let me know in the comments I will be sure to check it out .

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Weekly Motivation : Week 2 2017


I hope you are all doing well. This week I feel like I need to accept certain things in life and I came across this quote


Isn’t this so true though , because sometimes the harder we try to understand things, the longer it takes to realize the storm has passed and we are just holding ourselves back.I hope this lightens your load and helps you have a better week…

Have an amazing week

You’re worth it!


Weekly Motivation : Week 1 2017


I’ve decided to start my weekly motivation posts again, I find that sometimes everyone needs a little pick me up 🙂

This is the quote that stood out to me for this one


I find that for me personally fear plays a big role..especially since I started my blog, there are always those voices in the back of your head, will people like it? Am I good enough? Can I really do this????

If you find yourself in this situation, remember you will never know unless you try, and it is better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.

Sometimes you just have to go for it, life is about experiences and we cannot have those if we are afraid…

I hope this makes you feel like you can do anything…and that it makes you want to TRY.

Have a wonderful day…You’re worth it


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Glamglow South Africa

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Hey Gorgeous!

This is just a little update for my SA readers… 2017 is off to a good start…

Glamglow has landed and is now available at Red Square Online.


We are all used to paying ridiculous prices for these international brands, as I said in my last post, and more to the point this is why I would much rather have some patience when it comes to these things…

In the past we all purchased Glamglow from various sellers on instagram and personally I haven’t paid anything under R1100 per jar excluding shipping… Metro cosmetics also had glamglow available  (which seems to be out of stock now) at a more reasonable price of R880.00.

Redsquare now has the full sized masks for R850 and free shipping and you get to also select 3 free samples with your purchase, this may not be of the same brand or product though.

In addition they have a smaller size for R290.00, at this point it is only of the ‘


In conclusion sometimes it is better to just wait :), in the meantime if you feeling like splurging head over to the website to see which other glamglow products are available, I have listed some below …

Happy shopping beauties

Have a wonderful day because you’re worth it


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International Brands – Buy or Wait?


Welcome back gorgeous, and thanks for taking the time to hang out with me for a bit!

So this year in South Africa we had the likes of Urban Decay , Mii Cosmetics, Star Bucks, L.O.V etc. grace our shores, but there are so many beauty brands all of us in the beauty community are probably waiting for….

I know that now we are able to place international orders using Aramex Global, and there are numerous online stores especially on instagram that sells all the items we wish for but there is nothing like the joy of walking into an Urban Decay Store.. There is also the risk that we are being sold fake products, which is not only a total rip off but could also potentially cause skin issues. If you make regular purchases please be careful!

And then there are the legitimate sellers who are selling 100% authentic products at such high prices , it’s actually scary when you see how much money you could be or could have saved, so we are left in a catch 22. Do you purchase these products at an inflated rate due to impatience, or do you hang in there and make use of what is available at your finger tips for a reasonable price? I don’t by any means think the sellers are setting out to rip people off but simply to satisfy a need, and customs costs are not cheap, I have made some international purchases on my own and had to pay customs almost every time.

I was so relieved when I kept putting off purchasing the naked palettes and they arrived here 100% authentic , direct from Urban Decay at a much lower price. Now I am left asking myself , do I take the risk and purchase something that may possibly land here in the future, now, at a much higher price , or hang in there and get it when it is brought here by the brand itself at a more reasonable price?

I think I would most likely purchase the products that I absolutely have to have , and a brand I haven’t tried yet , just to see if it’s worth the hype, but I definitely won’t go on a haul and buy every item in every colour, I am certain at some point we too will be as lucky as the US and UK , by having all the things we long for right here.

To end off here is my updated list of brands I wish were readily available here

  • Too Faced
  • Lorac
  • Maybelline fit me range
  • Milani
  • Kat Von D

I hope you enjoyed, please let me know your thoughts and brands you wish would come here or to your country in the comments down below

Have a beYOUtiful day!

You’re worth it!

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PhotoCred:These pictures were not taken by me I found them on google images